Construction of industrial facilities implies presence of specialists of a very different profile of activity in the staff.

At the same time, only the well-coordinated work of all the sites makes it possible to submit work on time, which is especially appreciated in industrial construction.

We provide a full range of industrial construction services


• Various types of excavation.

• Construction of roads, driveways, sidewalks, parking and parking lots.

• Enclosure of objects, including with increased requirements for the protection of the object.

• Manufacturing of monolithic structures of various configurations and various levels of complexity.

• Installation of iron-concrete products.

• Manufacturing and installation of metal frames of buildings and other metal structures made of ferrous metal.

• Installation of metal frames of buildings with the use of new technologies of fast-erected buildings based on light metal structures (LMS).

• All types of external and internal communications: heat, water, sewerage, drainage systems.

• All types of low-voltage networks: telephony, video surveillance, security and fire alarm systems.

• Laying of communications and installation of electric and electric lighting equipment.

• Internal and external decoration of buildings, including with increased requirements for design.

• The device of various roofing coverings.

• Installation of multi-level ventilation and air conditioning systems.